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Today's Painting was founded by Steve Di Mauro who has worked in Residential & Commercial construction for 25+ years. He grew up in Omaha his whole life with a passion for Exterior Painting & Home Improvement. Growing up as a young boy he was always working House Painting with his uncleshe was a young ambitious little Painter, only 12 years old when he started. Steve's dad was a Glass man and owned a glass company. So after high school Steve tried the Commercial glass industry. He worked threw the chain of command pretty quickly being promoted to job foreman within his first year. That is where he learned valuable job planning, coordinating, and leadership skills. He worked as a lead foreman for 5 years in commercial construction before being promoted to project manager. Steve appreciated and respected the glass trade for what it had taught him. He had a 10 year career as a commercial glazier and took a tremendous amount of pride in his work. A proud father of 6 girls Steve was finishing up his business management degree and decided he wanted to change his trade and venture out and start a Painting Company. So that's what he did. He started out training his brother Jimmy and built an Exterior Painting company called Redz Painting & Home Improvement. Within the first 3 years in business Steve became a premiere House Painting and Siding repair specialist with a bigger vision for his Painting company.. He stayed focused on building a solid trustworthy reputation in the local Residential Painting community. He was doing a lot of prestigious work at unbeatable prices all around the Omaha metro area. Now feeling accomplished he wanted to give the company a new brand. Something more transparent and permanent with a genuine family vibe. A painting brand that couldreally resonate and relate to the Omaha community. Always learning and staying committed to becoming the best Painting Contractor in the Omaha area. Steve takes pride and is proud to be aPainting Service the Omaha homeowners and business owners can trust and rely on. A painting company with dedication to customer service and superior craftsmanship that's second to NONE. So it was in 2009 that Today's Painting was born and established focused on making Residential andCommercial Painting stress and hassle free...

We have now been serving the Omaha metro area for the last 10 years. We treat every home we work on or around like it is our own taking much pride in our work. We are insured, built on reliability and top quality craftsmanship. Reliable in the sense that once we dedicate ourselves to a project we devote all of our available resources in making sure that the job is completed to the best of our abilities. Not only providing reliable service, but one that is superior.